Ten Commandments of Queeraoke

  1. Thou shalt sing loud and proud. Enthusiasm trumps talent every time.
  2. Thou shalt use a prop or wear a costume piece during thy song.
  3. Thou shall not steal the props or costume pieces thou wearest.
  4. If thou singest Melissa Etheridge, thou must hold the turkey baster the whole time.
  5. All “musical breaks” shall actually be known as “dance breaks.” Thou must break it down.
  6. Thou shalt serve as backup dancers for other singers.
  7. Thou shalt participate in all group numbers. Dancing, clapping, and rhythmic accompaniment is encouraged.
  8. Thou shalt spew forth nothing but positive comments and compliments.
  9. Thou shalt respect the space and consent of others (duh), and be really nice to the host.
  10. Thou shalt tag the shit out of your posts so that you are spreading the glittery news about Queeraoke


Bonus Commandment:

Thou shalt take many selfies. Photobombing others’ selfies is highly encouraged.


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